Copywriting Templates

Copy Templates for Raposa

I made these templates to use as guides to write about logical fallacies and biases for Raposa. You can see them in action here! Each template introduces a couple basic copywriting styles and ensures the content moves in a logical fashion. Since I have written dozens of articles this month, having the templates as a basic guide was a great tool to speed up production.

Template One

This is the most basic template. It is for a single topic and is usually a fairly brief article for an important topic. The template is in order as it would be n the page, but the numbers indicate what order I make them in.

Basic Single topic Template

1. Title

Template Two

This template plays off the title. It uses the same basis and explanations as the first template, except instead of one main point, it works with 3+. See my example here

“3 Ways…” Template


Template Three

The biggest difference between one and three is that three does not include much plain-text (sometimes none at all). This template focuses on the story, action, and characters. This is made for one or two topics and explains it in with either a fictional or non-fictional story. Dialog is an important aspect for this template. See my example here

Story Template


Template Four

Much like telling a story, except the reader and the author are the characters. With this template, rather than putting the reader amidst the action, they are being asked to envision it. It is a non-fiction story that has a very conversationalist tone. See my example here

Imagination Template




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