How To Write Copy That People Want To Read

What Makes it “Good?”

You know good content when you see it. You get hooked; you read the whole thing even though you only planned on skimming for details. You learn something without needing to reread sections. Maybe it effortlessly sells you on its product. But how are some people able to capture our attention so well, while others make it hard even to finish the first paragraph?

1. Understand Your Audience

You can know everything about the topic, but if you don’t know who you are writing to, you will miss the point. Know what kind of person will be reading your content, and you can appeal to them specifically.

2. Be Clear and Specific

3. Be Concise and Casual

You want your reader to engage with your content. To do this, keep words and sentences short and your message brief. We live in a 10-second world. The less time you need to hold someone’s attention, the better. Speaking in a conversational tone will also make the reader more comfortable and likely to continue reading. If you have a more professional audience, adjust the tone as needed. Just remember, you are writing to impress them with the product, not on your abilities as a writer.

4. Paint a picture

5. Let It Flow

It almost goes without saying, but it’s too important not to: make it make sense. Your writing should flow easily to the reader. It should have a beginning, transitions, and an end without any need to jump around. Keeping everything in a logical order is only half of it.

Copy Styles

As you write, combining multiple styles and voices into your content will create depth; this makes it easier for the reader to stay hooked. Here are a couple of writing styles I have used in my content.

The Conversation

This is probably the most natural style, but if you’ve ever taken an English or writing class, you’ll quickly realize it goes against everything you’ve ever learned. Just write like you’re having a casual conversation with your friend! Maybe you just discovered a really cool recipe that your baker friend would love to try. Talk to them, explain what you’ve learned in a friendly, casual tone.

Story Time

Plain text

This is informative but can be boring. It gives the facts without any stories or narratives; no pazzazz for that matter. I wouldn’t recommend writing in this form often except when you really want to be clear about a specific point. For example, if you’ve got a conversational piece about baking cupcakes, it might be a good idea to add some plain text to make sure the instructions are obvious.


Personal struggles with copy

I had a misunderstanding of copywriting when I first started. If you look at any of my earlier work, you’d see they lack focus. I thought I knew what copywriting was, so I just dove right in. I learned my mistakes while editing what I had written. I had multiple pieces that I spent 8–9 hours on that I completely redid because after reading them, I still didn’t understand the point of them. I didn’t have any examples to drive it home, and it was mostly unclear plain-text which, in the end, didn’t offer me anything to hang on to.

Finding My Style

I like to write. I always have since I was a little girl. When I first began a few weeks ago, my love of writing disappeared. All of a sudden, I loathed the process and procrastinated whenever possible. I didn’t like any of the content I was producing because I thought copy had to be professional and concise. I was told that if it didn’t have any value, don’t include it. I took this advice to heart and removed everything I thought wasn’t direct and factual (i.e. the pazzazz). Once I started learning about style and understanding how to write again, the natural love came back.

Make It Great

Copywriting creates opportunity. Not only does good copy show your skill as a writer, but it conveys marketing skills, sales skills, and creativity.



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