I Spent a Month Teaching Myself How to Launch a Startup with Raposa Technologies

My goals were simple:

  • Raise awareness of Raposa Tech for a larger demographic
  • Produce an API to connect the app to the email system
  • Refine their current marketing system and create an automatic email system
  • Create a LOT of Copywrite content

Week One: Planning and Preparation

Week Two: Emails and API

Week Three: Copywriting

Week Four: The Hustle

My proudest accomplishments:

  • I remotely worked with a startup company run by two people who have jobs other than Raposa. This made communication very difficult and created a lot of unexpected changes throughout the process.
  • I realized how important a writing skill is. But not just any kind of writing. I always thought I was a good writer. (I mean, my mom always liked what I wrote, she told me I was talented.)
  • I taught myself everything I needed. I had very little direction with my project and none of the experience to know how to fill in the gaps. Luckily I am a fast learner and skilled at finding information.
  • I learned how to be valuable to a company, particularly a startup. I’m naturally innovative and love to see growth and transformation. So I had some good ideas to grow the company that I was very excited to try.

Here’s where I documented everything I learned

What I learned:

I wish…

I made more time for myself.

I asked for help.

I didn’t value quantity over quality at the start of the project.

Did I reach my goals?

So… What’s Next?




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