Is The Headline Really That Important?

Hey there! This is part of my documentation for how I spent a month helping Raposa Technologies launch! I used this time to do a lot of research, learn a bunch of new skills, and focus on code and copywriting the whole time. If you want to know what I did, how I did it, and who Raposa Technologies is, click here!

I started off this project making some pretty sad-looking headlines for all the content I was making. I wrote them as if I was writing a novel- they were more witty than interesting, and more descriptive than provoking. I started reading through Medium’s suggested articles and noticed some pretty obvious patterns. I wanted to click on certain articles because I wanted to learn more, and they weren’t even topics I was interested in!

After some quick research, my thoughts were confirmed. There are patterns and psychology backing them. So using Raposa’s headline chart on Google Sheets, I added my own.

Using the various styles I quickly put together 10 different headlines for each of my articles. Not only was this a great way to compare and contrast my options, but it was a great exercise to get me in the right mindset.

Take a look at some of the headlines below, and tell me which ones are your favorites!