The 11-Step Method To Easy Copywriting

I lost my voice.

Have you ever heard “you are what you eat?” Well, I believe “you write what you read.” After reading so many technical documents, reports, and studies, I really struggled to find my style again.

I felt like I wasn’t writing well enough.

I definitely did feel a bit of imposter syndrome. Especially when I learned that engineers and doctors were the types of people reading the content for this company. Talk about pressure.

1. Outline the Topic

2. Don’t Write, Speak

Use voice to text and fill in each section with whatever you want to say about the topic until each section is full.

3. Take a Break

Take a deep breath through your nose and count to 10. Now through your mouth, release for as long as you can do (my record is 43 seconds). Now do that six more times. Refill your water and get a piece of fruit. Say it with me now; carbs, breath, and hydration.

Actual meditation is optional

4. The First Half

Now that you’re brain’s refreshed, you’ll see a bit differently. Focus on the first half of your spoken outline. Read it and make edits to correct grammar and consistency to make sure the message is clear and concise. Keep as much extra information as you can- even if you think you won’t use it- highlight it instead of deleting it. Rearrange topics to fit the flow better wherever necessary.

5. The Second Half

Repeat step 4.

6. Check The Hook

(Not this hook)

7. Take a break!

Have a snack, buy a latte, maybe take a bath. Treat yourself!

8. The Entirety

Reread the full thing and make edits as you go. You’ll know what I mean. Weird wording that sounded fine early will pop out more. You may have to add or omit details. This is the time to either use or lose those highlighted portions.

9. Picture This

Now add some images to the document! This is a good time to revisit the headline and paragraph headers too to make sure they match the aesthetic of your new work. If you have anyone who can make edits or read it over, send it to them now.

10. Now Stop

Close your laptop (or turn off your computer, device, etc.). Now go to bed and don’t think about it until at LEAST 24 hours later. If you’ve got a time crunch, do what you gotta do. But a fresh mind and perspective is the best tool for a second round of full edits.

11. Remember Your Goals

Using My Method

This isn’t how everybody writes, but it is a tried and true method that I use to stay destressed when I have a lot of writing to do or simply can’t find my muse. It has helped me avoid writer’s block and submitting some really questionable pieces.

Draw up an outline

Read content you want to sound like

Don’t overthink it

If you like what you’ve written, and you’ve made all the points you wish to make, then just publish it. You may think it isn’t perfect, or that it could still use some work to be better. Well, yeah, it probably can. But with that mindset, you’re going to be saying that forever. Your writing evolves just as much as you do and you will produce higher-quality pieces in the future.



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