Week Four: The Hustle

What I did this week:

  1. Wrote Why First Impressions Are Ruining Your Investments
  2. Wrote Is It Only A Trend? Or Will It Make You Rich?
  3. Wrote Investors Are Guilty of This- Are You?
  4. Wrote 3 Reasons Your Friends are Hindering Your Success
  5. Documented Mailjet vs Mailchimp
  6. Documented Headline Developement
  7. Documented my Writing Process
  8. Documented Click-up
  9. Documented Email Templates
  10. Finished my Landing Page


I struggled with the same things as the previous weeks when it came to my copywriting. I tend to put a lot of time into what I write, but I am much more efficient now. I am very proud of the articles I wrote this week particularly- I wrote them all simultaneously while using my writing process (which I documented) which helped it go much smoother.

What I Learned

This week was mostly about refinement. I worked to add media to my posts, I recorded videos and I continued my writing process. I did learn a couple new skills through the process though:

  1. I learned how to write a headline. My past headlines were not intriguing or gripping- they were more creative and laid back. I used a Google Sheets chart to practice writing headlines off the top of my head using the most commonly found methods.
  2. I learned the value in documentation using my copywriting process. If I had not documented how I write and the processes involved, I would not have been as efficient with this weeks articles. Writing down the process helped put everything in perspective. It really helped me feel less overwhelmed like I was last week.
  3. I learned what makes writing interesting. It had been such a long time (a month to be exact) since I read anything that wasn’t related to a cognitive fallacy, investing, or other business/science theme. I finally read some posts that had caught my eye, but what was the most interesting to me weren’t the topics I read about, it was why they caught my eye to begin with. So I ended up learning about style and technique through reading some well-written content. I am still learning how to apply it, but I’m excited to have learned the concept!

Conclusions and Plans For Next Week

Although my project is technically done, there is still so much I can learn from working with Raposa. Additionally, not all of my copy is at the quality I know I am capable of. I am going to continue to develop my skills with API, codeing, and copywriting after this!



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