Week Four: The Hustle

This is the fourth week of a month-long project for Praxis. For the whole month, I’m working with Raposa Technologies to prepare for their launch in June. There’s a lot to be done, so check out more here!

This week I pushed myself to tie off all my knots and clean up any messes that were left over from the previous weeks’ hustle. It has been an intense month of a lot of learning and a ton of work to make it come together.

What I did this week:

  1. Wrote Is It Only A Trend? Or Will It Make You Rich?
  2. Wrote Investors Are Guilty of This- Are You?
  3. Wrote 3 Reasons Your Friends are Hindering Your Success
  4. Documented Mailjet vs Mailchimp
  5. Documented Headline Developement
  6. Documented my Writing Process
  7. Documented Click-up
  8. Documented Email Templates
  9. Finished my Landing Page


I wish I didn’t use Loom to record the majority of my videos. The platform does not produce a consistent video quality. I will be looking into an alternative platform to use in the future.

There’s nothing else I would’ve changed that I could’ve changed this week. I spent most of my time doing edits and the only thing I would have liked to have is more time. I ran out of time to do everything I really wanted to do.

I didn’t do any video documentation like I had previously planned because the website and app are not as far along as we thought they would be by now. The launch has also been postponed for possibly mid-July.

What I Learned

  1. I learned how to write a headline. My past headlines were not intriguing or gripping- they were more creative and laid back. I used a Google Sheets chart to practice writing headlines off the top of my head using the most commonly found methods.
  2. I learned the value in documentation using my copywriting process. If I had not documented how I write and the processes involved, I would not have been as efficient with this weeks articles. Writing down the process helped put everything in perspective. It really helped me feel less overwhelmed like I was last week.
  3. I learned what makes writing interesting. It had been such a long time (a month to be exact) since I read anything that wasn’t related to a cognitive fallacy, investing, or other business/science theme. I finally read some posts that had caught my eye, but what was the most interesting to me weren’t the topics I read about, it was why they caught my eye to begin with. So I ended up learning about style and technique through reading some well-written content. I am still learning how to apply it, but I’m excited to have learned the concept!

Conclusions and Plans For Next Week

It has been really amazing to see myself grow and learn this month. I want to continue this projection and plan to continue documentation of what I’m learning. My goal is to make it less wordy from here on out and incorporate my own style more.