Week Four: The Hustle

What I did this week:

  1. Wrote Why First Impressions Are Ruining Your Investments
  2. Wrote Is It Only A Trend? Or Will It Make You Rich?
  3. Wrote Investors Are Guilty of This- Are You?
  4. Wrote 3 Reasons Your Friends are Hindering Your Success
  5. Documented Mailjet vs Mailchimp
  6. Documented Headline Developement
  7. Documented my Writing Process
  8. Documented Click-up
  9. Documented Email Templates
  10. Finished my Landing Page


What I Learned

  1. I learned how to write a headline. My past headlines were not intriguing or gripping- they were more creative and laid back. I used a Google Sheets chart to practice writing headlines off the top of my head using the most commonly found methods.
  2. I learned the value in documentation using my copywriting process. If I had not documented how I write and the processes involved, I would not have been as efficient with this weeks articles. Writing down the process helped put everything in perspective. It really helped me feel less overwhelmed like I was last week.
  3. I learned what makes writing interesting. It had been such a long time (a month to be exact) since I read anything that wasn’t related to a cognitive fallacy, investing, or other business/science theme. I finally read some posts that had caught my eye, but what was the most interesting to me weren’t the topics I read about, it was why they caught my eye to begin with. So I ended up learning about style and technique through reading some well-written content. I am still learning how to apply it, but I’m excited to have learned the concept!

Conclusions and Plans For Next Week




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Sydnye Hubbs

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