Week One: Planning and Preparation

What I did this week:

  1. I scheduled calls with Raposa Tech to review expectations
  2. I read “Thinking in Bets” by Annie Duke
  3. I read “The Art of Thinking Clearly” by Rolf Dobelli
  4. I researched logical fallacies and biases that affect investors
  5. I researched quantitative Investing

I had some struggles this week

Time management has always been something I have struggled with. I work a lot. Between the full Chicago traffic commute, the long hours, and the exhausting work of the restaurant industry, I feel like time is against me. To combat this, I scheduled things religiously into my calendar. I listened to my books while doing my everyday tasks. Even an hour or two of research between daily life helps. By planning everything out and getting the research portion done, I can really just dive into my work these coming weeks.

Everything is a learning opportunity

I learned a lot of valuable information just in one week. All my in-depth research and reading will show that in the coming weeks of course. But I also learned some interesting things that will help not just with investing, but with any other projects I do in the future.

  1. I learned how to identify a specific target audience. I had thought before that the bigger the target audience, the higher the outreach ergo the more sales you will make. This project has taught me that is not the case. Raposa Tech is not for everyone, so it should not be marketed to everyone. Our goal is to make this type of investing more accessible to more people, but that doesn’t mean everyone can do it.
  2. I learned how to connect with the target audience and do research aimed towards them. Using an Avatar named “Paul”, we have made a very specific target audience to launch to. I refined my research from the “anyone can do this” to “Paul is interested in this and it can benefit him”. This way everything I create will be specific and worthwhile for whom we believe will be reading it the most.
  3. I learned how to manage my time on my own and while working with others. Deadlines and updates are much more important when you’re dealing with real people who are expecting real results. This definitely has added pressure, but it’s also made me much more on top of things as a result. I scheduled calls to keep them in the loop and to make sure everyone is on the same page. I learned that planning and preparation, especially when working alongside others, can be just as important as doing the job itself.



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