Week Two: Emails and API

What I did this week:

  1. Signed up with ClickUp for team management updates and task organization
  2. Connected my Medium with Raposa as one of their writers
  3. Created automatic emails for signup (App signup, website signup, and Medium signup)
  4. Learned what JSON and Javascript are and how they’re used
  5. Learned how to use Postman Learning Center to develop an API
  6. Learned the basics of Funnel Building using Fire Nation
  7. Wrote blog post “Resulting: You Don’t Even Know You’re Doing It
  8. Wrote blog post “Fear; The Most Influential Emotion
  9. Documented Mailchimp email formatting

What I would have changed this week

Two weeks in, and I have already made multiple changes to my month-long plan. After talking with Raposa technologies about their ideas, we modified my original goals halfway through the week. Going from one idea to another during a limited time frame can make things feel overwhelming and stressful. Luckily I work well with change and have adapted my strategies to fit the new plans.

What have I learned

Last week I learned general information, theories, and how the mind works to process information. This week I have learned how to use this information to my benefit.

  1. I learned a lot about efficiency and finding outside solutions from seemingly unrelated topics. I happened to listen to an episode from one of my favorite podcasts this week called The Mindset Mentor, that really put things in perspective and helped me think outside the box. They talked about the invention of fast food; long story short, the creator meticulously made every part of the burger-making process systematized. He also took the drive-thru ATM idea from a local bank to create the first food drive-thru. This message immediately made me think in a new way when I heard it.
  2. I learned how to reevaluate my time and hold myself accountable. Sometimes doing the work is a lot like going to the gym. You never want to do it, but you always feel great afterward. I started using a new program called ClickUp with the Raposa team that shows my deadlines to everyone. They can check on my work anytime, it’s more efficient, and it has multiple formats like a calendar or list pre-coded, so I don’t have to spend time doing it myself on Notion. I thought I had this well under control last week, but this week has shed even more light on organization possibilities.
  3. I learned how API works and how to utilize it with Mailchimp. I did this using Postman Learning Center which also taught me how to coordinate their services with other business and portfolio ideas. I learned how to send and authorize a request, write test scripts, and chain requests together using this service.
  4. I also learned how to help with basic design coding, how website design can be more appealing to users, and what to do to attract and hold potential clients via design and color schemes.
  5. I learned how to do basic funnel-building emails and marketing strategies. I did this through meetings with the Raposa team and intaking content from the Fire Nation Entrepreneurial courses and resources.



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