I Spent a Month Teaching Myself How to Launch a Startup with Raposa Technologies

My goals were simple:

  • Raise awareness of Raposa Tech for a larger demographic
  • Produce an API to connect the app to the email system
  • Refine their current marketing system and create an automatic email system
  • Create a LOT of Copywrite content

Week One: Planning and Preparation

Week Two: Emails and API

Week Three: Copywriting

Week Four: The Hustle

This month has been a challenge. I don’t think I have ever produced so much content nor have I ever learned so much in-depth information in such a short time span; which, for the record, was very exhausting. But the improvement I see in myself from beginning to end is undeniable- even the guys at Raposa commented on my growth two weeks in!

My proudest accomplishments:

  • I remotely worked with a startup company run by two people who have jobs other than Raposa. This made communication very difficult and created a lot of unexpected changes throughout the process.
  • I realized how important a writing skill is. But not just any kind of writing. I always thought I was a good writer. (I mean, my mom always liked what I wrote, she told me I was talented.)
  • I taught myself everything I needed. I had very little direction with my project and none of the experience to know how to fill in the gaps. Luckily I am a fast learner and skilled at finding information.
  • I learned how to be valuable to a company, particularly a startup. I’m naturally innovative and love to see growth and transformation. So I had some good ideas to grow the company that I was very excited to try.

Here’s where I documented everything I learned

1. Why Are Calendars So Important?

What I learned:

I wish…

I made more time for myself.

I work a full-time job on top of doing everything I needed to do for this project, so I did have to make the hard decision to give up side projects, hobbies, spending time with my friends, and a lot of self-care (like sleep). I’m a tenacious person, so I thought nothing of it. The repercussions unfortunately had me in the hospital and put me a week behind. On top of everything, I now had to redo the entire project, had a time reduction, and now had less time to destress myself. Luckily this taught me the importance of balance along with how to manage my time to an infinite degree. My planning and organization have never been better!

I asked for help.

I didn’t value quantity over quality at the start of the project.

I gave myself way too much work to do and didn’t realize how much time it would actually take to complete. My goal was to produce a LOT of content, so to snub that just felt like giving up at the time. I’ve since realized that I would rather have good, quality copy than a bunch of rushed pieces to publish. In the last week, I ended up reducing my writing goal so I could focus on quality over quantity.

Did I reach my goals?

No. But only if you were to ask me based on my original outline. I did not create a podcast based on Raposa’s articles. I did not double their email list. I did not send cold emails to hundreds of people on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. I did not produce at least 10 Copywrite pieces.

So… What’s Next?



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